Nexer is now looking for a Consultant Manager for one of our .Net consulting units in Gothenburg. Initially you will work in a consulting role in parallel with the manager role and as the group grows you will adjust the consulting time down as needed. Helping you is a strong organization of manager colleagues, developers, recruiters, sales people etc to assist in several parts of the job.

We are looking for someone who has a technical background but also has an interest in leadership, agile processes, business development and recruitment.

What does the role look like?

For us, the leadership role is about building relationships with your consultants and coaching them in their development. We want to be a workplace where employees thrive. The manager role includes staff responsibilities, payroll, employee reviews and strategic planning to continually improve for the team. As the consulting group grows, working on the client offering will be a significant part. We hope you enjoy keeping up with the trends and want to share your knowledge with others!

Your background

We believe that you:

Have a technical qualification, such as software engineering, or equivalent experience

Have built a solid technical foundation such as a few years in roles as a developer or similar which has given you a good understanding of the .net sphere

Fascinated by the agile way of working and want to continue to develop it both in your role as a leader but also in assignments on the customer side

We also hope that you:

Have had a chance to try out leadership in some way before and realised that it is something you want to delve into. If not through direct staff responsibility, then in the form of team lead or scrum master on previous assignments.

Have through experience of working in the consulting industry gained an understanding of what the role of a consultant entails and have insight into the industry in Gothenburg.

As a person you are straightforward with an open mind, positive, like to help others grow and see the potential of all employees. You should also be able to set an example in the consultant role and help both new and senior employees to develop in this role.

Last but not least; we want you to continue to develop and have fun at work!

What is Nexer like as an employer?

Within Nexer, there is a stated challenge that permeates all assignments and the company as a whole: if there is a smarter solution, we will find it. A quest that challenges us every day and allows us to think outside the box and, together with our customers, take the bold decisions needed to create development.


Welcome to submit your application below. We process applications on a rolling basis and unfortunately are unable to process applications by email. However, if you have any questions about the position, please contact Amanda Stenberg at


About Nexer

Nexer, formerly Sigma IT, has the ambition to become the tech company of the future. We are a family-owned and value-driven company with a strong social commitment, including through Women in Tech, Star for Life, Mitt Liv and Kodcentrum. We lead change and constantly strive to find innovative and creative solutions for our customers and society at large.

At Nexer, we value skills development and offer courses through the Nexer Academy and Pluralsight and provide certification bonuses as well as organize inspirational lectures and Meetups. Our vision Put your heart in it and make it happen permeates the entire business and our employees are our most important key to success. Nexer is part of the Danir Group and has over 2000 experts in strategy, technology and communications. We are present in ten countries and more than 20 locations in Sweden and have twice been named Microsoft Country Partner of the Year in Sweden and Brazil.